Horniman Museum


london 059Address: 100 London Rd, LondonSE23 3PQ

Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Except 24 – 26 December, when they are closed.

Entrance to the Museum and Gardens is free. A charge is made for the Aquarium.

Website: http://www.horniman.ac.uk/

Telephone: 020 86991872

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The Egyptian Collection:

Female mummy bandaged in linen wrappings

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Coffin case , Coffin lid with portrait of an Egyptian priestess

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(Hieroglyphs on the coffin case identify her as “Henut Sokar,” which means wife of Sokar and suggests that she was a priestess of Sokar. The inscriptions also state that she worked as a priestess of the K and that she was responsible for providing food offerings at an altar set up in the name of a deceased person.)

Coffin lid with portrait of an Egyptian lady

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Canopic Jars (Both the canopic jars in the “Kemet” display have a human head, with hieroglyphic descriptions. While these jars should have contained livers, the jar on top has an inscription that mentions Hapi, the ape-headed god who guarded the lungs.)

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Shabti figures and shabti box

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Scarab amulet, Heart scarab amulet,  The Eye of Horus

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Stone stela

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Wooden stela

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