About Me

luxor 2014 1102As an Egyptologist i have been interested, for many years, on the spread of Egyptian artefacts collected throughout Museums around the world. For the past three years i have been visiting Museums, Stately Homes and Exhibitions with Egyptian collections, both here in the UK and abroad.

I am currently at Exeter University, researching Ancient Egypt’s Art & Religion and studying early Dynastic Pharoahs at Oxford College.

Please feel free to comment on any of my posts and if you have any questions then drop me an email at mattmdavies@aol.co.uk. Enjoy!

Special Exhibitions can be found at: https://egyptianexhibitions.wordpress.com/

Also I have many photos from trips to Egypt and the museums on Flickr (MattAmunRe@yahoo.com)

Coming soon….

Hamburg (February 2018)

Bolton (March 2018)

img_5245img_3433img_2416img_2629img_1591005Bonn Egyptian Museum (3)13006572_10153429878237651_5858487071468919356_nTwo Temple Place London - Beyond Beauty Exhibiti (12a) (4)Turin Museum (8)IMG_2367IMG_0413img front (1.5)089Vienna and Salzburg 046shrewsbury museum 249bristol museum 0071a (3)0445.10080913834Paris 012Blackburn Museum 056luxor 2014 035luxor 2014 365luxor 2014 923luxor 2014 1006luxor 2014 1123225162_5861192650_5994_nluxor 2014 1124luxor 2014 1125luxor 2014 1127luxor 2014 1128luxor 2014 1129luxor 2014 1130265035luxor 2014 1453luxor 2014 1498308388luxor 2014 1131luxor 2014 849luxor 2014 980479Egypt 2003-04 (54)

I am also a member of the Friends of Petrie Museum and the EES (Egypt Exploration Society), details of which can be found on the links below:




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