Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Visited 29th September 2016

img_1599The University of Glasgow’s Hunterian is the oldest museum in Scotland. It covers The Hunterian Museum, The Hunterian Art Gallery, The Mackintosh House, The Zoology Museum and The Anatomy Museum.

All are located in various buildings on the main campus of the University in the west end of Glasgow.


Address: University of Glasgow, University Ave, Glasgow G12 8QQ

Telephone 0141 330 4221


img_1600 img_1601 img_1604

Opening Hours: Closed Mondays, Tuesday to Saturday, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Sundays 11.00am – 4.00pm

Admission free

The Egypt Collection

The Coffin of Lady Shep-en-hor (26th Dynasty 600BCE)

The Hunterian’s famous mummy, Lady Shep-en-hor, is over 2500 years old and comes from Thebes in southern Egypt. The ancient Egyptians preserved bodies to help the deceased make the journey to the afterlife. The hieroglyphs on the brightly painted coffin are spells and charms to keep her safe.


An inscription down the centre of the coffin reads “An offering the king gives to Osiris, the fimg_1640oremost of the westerners, the great god, lord of Abydos, so he may grant a good burial at the necropolis in the western desert of Thebes to the venerated one before Great God, Osiris, Shepenhor”

Nut, seen at the top of the picture right, was the goddess of the sky and heavens, married to the earth god Geb, and was associated with resurrection and rebirth.

Geb, seen with a green face, was associated with vegetation’. Horus, depicted as a falcon headed man, was god of the sky, his right eye represented the sun and his left the moon.

Panels on the coffin depict Osiris, the god of embalming. The text declares his services for embalming. The Horus eye offers protection from evil and protection in the afterlife.


A couple of cabinets contain pottery, jewellery, glassware, everyday household items and beautiful statuettes, figurines of the god Osiris, scarabs, amulets and fertility figures.

img_1617 img_1618 img_1619 img_1621 img_1622 img_1623 img_1624 img_1626 img_1627 img_1628 img_1629 img_1630 img_1632img_1606img_1607img_1608img_1610img_1612img_1614img_1615img_1616img_1633

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