Mummification Museum – Luxor, Egypt

Visited on the 18th September 2014

532 532s 533

Location: on the front Corniche overlooking the Nile. (see google map link below)

Opening hours:

Winter: daily 9AM to 9PM

Summer: daily 9AM to 10PM


Adult LE 60 (Approx £5.20) Concessions LE 30 (Approx £2.60)

50% discount with International Student ID Card, students of archaeology with their university ID.



Cafeteria, bookstore, lecture hall, library


No guides are allowed inside the museum, but visitors can ask the guard if a curator is available to answer any questions.

The museum is not handicapped-accessible.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (095) 2370062

Located in the Egyptian city of Luxor. It stands on the corniche, to the north of Luxor Temple, overlooking the River Nile.

The museum is intended to provide  with you with an understanding of the ancient art of mummification. The Ancient Egyptians applied embalming techniques to many species, not only to dead humans. Mummies of cats, fish and crocodiles are on display in this unique museum, where one can also get an idea of the tools used.

Although no photography is allowed, as with most sites for a small monetary incentive the guardians or guides will turn a blind eye (no flash)

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A Short promotional video:



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