Leeds City Museum – Update

Visited August 30th 2014

This collection forms part of a visiting exhibition from the British Museum, London and ends in January 2015






For info on the museum please see my post:


A recent exhibition on the Romans had some interesting pieces of Roman history, connected to Egypt.

003  A Sandstone Stela Roman AD 1-50 Egypt

The scene shown carved on a stone slab shows an Egyptian King making an offering to several Egyptian Gods including Amun-Re and Osiris, but clearly shows the name of the Emperor Tiberius (He wears the double crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt and a bulls tail)

006 007


Two mummy portaits of a man and woman Roman AD140-160, Hawara, Faiyum Egypt

And a Gold Diadem ornament Roman Period AD 55-70, Found in Egypt

There are three depictions of the Egyptian God Horus in military uniform. Horus represented the living King in the form of a Hawk-Headed God)

001 A Limestone figure of Horus, Roman, 30BC-641AD, Egypt

002  A Copper alloy figure of Horus in military uniform Roman, 30BC-641AD

002a A terracotta image of the Egyptain God Bes,  Roman, 30BC-641AD, Egypt


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