Petrie Museum (revisited)

Visited 12th March 2014

The Petrie Museum has been closed for two months so it could reorganise and install new lighting and is now fully reopened.

The new look is fabulous, and some of the collections have now been chronologically ordered dynastically in their cabinets. The lighting has improved the viewing experience and the whole place feels and looks bigger.

london 018 london 019

Below are a few recent photographs with my favourite pieces:

london 017 london 020 london 021 london 022 london 024 london 025 london 026 london 027 london 030 london 031 london 032 london 039 london 040 london 042 london 043 london 044 london 045 london 046 london 047 london 048 london 049 london 050 london 051 london 052 london 053 london 054 london 055 london 056 london 057 london 058

Details of my first visit to the Petrie can be found in this blog site or on the link below:


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